Using the latest in digital and laser technology USA Granite will give you the perfect fit!

Reliability and accuracy to the thousand’s of an inch ensures there is no bumpiness as there is with hand fabrication. You can view your template on the slab before it is cut to ensure your granite countertops are just the way you like them. Our highly skilled crew and high tech cutting machine gives us the ability to cut any shape possible and ensure the best seam possible. In combination with CNC routers to cut 8 different edge styles, your countertops are guaranteed to be the center piece of your home.

At USA Granite , we can help you all along the way.

At USA Granite, we can help you all along the way, from start to finish, in the planning, design and completion of your new kitchen. To speed the process and to eliminate as much stress for you as possible, we’ve created a set of helpful Planning Guides to help you answer some important questions.

USA Granite is committed to meeting all the requirements of our customers and applicable specifications for their granite countertops. Our goal for quality, expedient delivery, and competitive pricing are supported by effective management systems. The use of state-of-the-art technology and consistent customer support is absolutely essential to the success of USA Granite. We pride ourselves in meeting our customers’ requirements to their fullest expectations. Our performance strategy must be zero defects to target 100% quality processing.