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We import our stone from around the world and are able to keep extensive stock on site. With the unique selection and full size slabs on display, there is no better place to select the granite or marble to make your design statement. We also have hundreds of remnants cut every day for the smaller projects that you may have.

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At USA Granite, we pride ourselves on our hard work and our relationships with our customers.

Most of our business is from repeat customers and satisfied customer referrals.

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Stone Countertops and Vanity Tops

Interested in granite countertops?

Granite is a natural stone, and is therefore subject to natural variations, offering a truly unique appearance. Apart from the durability and natural look of granite, it remains cool in a way no other surface can, and is therefore of practical use in some cooking where ingredients are best kept cool, such as in baking.

Granite comes in a variety of colours from light greys and whites to darker shades, allowing it to be matched with any choice of flooring, d├ęcor and cabinets. Patterning is equally as varied, from almost plain to rich swirling patterns and speckling.

New granite countertops can be kept in the best condition by a little thought and care. For example by using cutting boards placed on the granite countertop for cutting and chopping. Careful placement of kitchen utensils and hot pans will help prolong the life and maintain the beauty of your granite surfaces.

When thinking about the choice between granite or marble work surfaces, it is worth considering the kind of look you wish to achieve, the costs, and maintenance. Just as with granite, care needs to be taken when using marble worktops in order to ensure it retains its natural beauty and is not damaged. Granite is formed from molten magma, and is therefore harder and less porous than marble. As it is harder, granite is less prone to being damaged or stained than marble is.

Granite is available in two different forms that influence the pattern obtained: Variegated granite has been subjected to movement during its formation, and the characteristic swirls and veins are of different colours to the rest of the stone. Each piece will be truly unique!

As may be expected, consistent granite possesses the same pattern throughout each slab and more uniform consistency of overall look can be achieved; additionally, consistent granite slabs are also more easily joined together than variegated granite.

Marble is softer than granite; it is also more porous and therefore more prone to becoming stained and damaged but is more than just a luxurious stone. Its durability and classic attributes make it a truly priceless investment that will stand the test of time. Marble countertops for the kitchen and bath have long since been a staple of fine homes.

Quartz countertops are an engineered or man-made material that consists of ground or crushed quartz, the second most common mineral on Earth, and mixes it with polymers, resins, and pigment to create a wide array of textures and colors.

Explore New and Unique Granite Designs With USA Granite

Granite is a light-coloured rock formed with visible large grains. The stone is formed through the crystallization of magma beneath the surface of the Earth. Granite exists in different colours and is often used to make decorative pieces and for construction especially in kitchens and bathrooms. At USA Granite, you will learn everything about the uses and products that are made from granite and how to get each. USA Granite offers these products and has been a renowned supplier of granite slabs for many years.

Different colours

At our showroom, you will find more than 100 colours of granite marble that you can choose from. As a buyer, you are offered a chance to choose different slabs before making your purchase. Customers are also issued professional assistance and advice regarding different categories of granite that can be used in various parts of their homes.

The countertops are custom made to match the theme colour of the house. USA Granite makes use of the colour variety that is available to offer clients a reason to enjoy their services and come back for more.

Short turnaround

For quality and to ensure our customers get impressive results, we do our work for at least 5 business days depending on the size of the order.

At USA Granite, we offer granite colours that are motion inspired and ideal for your kitchen.